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The Cleansing Hour

Directed by: Damien LeVeck

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Movie poster Godzina oczyszczenia
Original title: The Cleansing Hour
Runtime: 94 min.
Production: USA Release Date: 31 October 2019
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Damien LeVeck
Cast: Ryan Guzman, Kyle Gallner, Tara Karsian

"The Hour of Cleansing" is a suspenseful hellish rollercoaster of extreme horror, packed with dynamic action, unexpected plot turns and first-class special effects. Damien LeVeck's horror story is about the world's only online podcast with live exorcisms that one day gets out of control. The theme of possession, enriched by the context of new media and the Internet, allows you to call the "Hour of Purification" the "Exorcist" of the 21st century. The film is a full-length development of Kickstarter's 2016 short horror film of the same title.

Reverend Max and his friend Drew run an extremely popular online program during which they perform exorcisms live. However, numerous viewers are not aware that the podcast is a perfectly staged fraud. One night the situation gets out of control when Drew, Lane, who becomes the possessed fiancée, enters a real and particularly cruel demon, turning the studio into a hellish abyss.

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